What is Morrow Productions ?

Morrow Productions is a non-profit organisation  and everyone who shares the same passion can join us and help out on projects. These projects can be videos, music, photography or anything else web content related. But for the most part it's making YouTube videos.

In 2011 Morrow was actually a band. The idea behind the band developed into Morrow Productions and into Elias Crowe Music - publishing music via the online video platform YouTube.

Who is Elias Crowe ?

Elias (Schnetzer) Crowe had the idea for Morrow Productions. If you want to know more about him, click here.

What is our goal ?

Our goal is to make epic and creative web content which makes everone's life better. We try to realise these cool video/music ideas that you got stuck in your head but just can't make it into something amazing without the help of others. Use our contact sheet to get in touch.

Who is Jamie Curry ?

I guess she's the most amazing person on this planet. Am I right?